Gently Chlor Salt Chlorine Generator Cell





Converting to a Salt Pool or Switching From Another SWG Brand? Look No Further than Gentle Chlor. Gentle Chlor is an advanced all-in-one saltwater chlorine generator in an advanced compact design for your pool. Easy one-touch controls—just set it and forget it. Gentle on your hair, your skin, your swimwear, your senses, and your eyes. The water just feels better by leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. It’s 1/10 the level of salt in ocean water with zero handling of chlorine tabs or intrusive chlorine floaters. It’s compact, integrated, and easy.

  • “All in One” in-line salt water chlorine generator for pools
  • 3-Year Warranty including parts and labor
  • Easy DIY instructions and mistake-free measuring template included
  • Produces 1.4 pounds of chlorine per day (equivalent to Pentair IC40 EC 520555*)
  • Designed to work with variable speed pumps
  • Full-range input voltage 110-220VSC
  • Built-in salinity and water temperature sensors
  • 4-button operation
  • For Swimming Pools Up To 40K Gallons
  • Simplest installation on the market
  • Service and maintenance built-in alerts

No-Hassle and No-Guessing Maintenance:

  • Dirty and improperly maintained cells can shorten the life of salt cells by up to 75%
  • Easy twist-off canister and removable cell makes cleaning fast and easy. No cleaning kits to buy-included is a cleaning cup with mixing instructions on how to clean the cell.
  • Save Hundreds on Cell Replacements: When replacing the cell, buy only the replacement cell, not all the wiring, cell housing and controls. Almost a 50% savings in replacement costs of IC40 and/or IC60.

*Gentle Chlor products are not made by, or affiliated with, Pentair®

Product number: #CLGE40

IMPORTANT: Your purchase includes the part only. Call Good Neighbor Pool Service at 480-694-3158 for installation pricing. Please be prepared with your order number.

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