Pentair Leaf Trap for Suction-Side Pool Cleaners (2.2L)

: $78.85 ($19.90)




To keep suction-side cleaners working at top efficiency without stopping to open and clean the pump strainer basket, use a Pentair Leaf Trap. Pentair Leaf Traps capture leaves and other debris poolside, where it’s easy to see, open and clean. They are also simple to install and use, as their canisters open and close easily

  • Maintains optimum cleaning power
  • Fast, easy debris removal
  • Captures leaves and debris before they can clog and cut flow at the pump strainer basket or filter, maintaining optimum cleaning power
  • No tools are needed, so it’s easy to install
  • Connects to 1-1/2″ pool vacuum hoses
  • 2.2-liter cleaning capacity for longer times between cleanings