Maintain Your Pool With Confidence!

When you join our auto delivery program we support you by monitoring the pool equipment & water chemistry each month. We keep it simple by providing 2 of the core ingredients that your pool needs added each week.

If You’re Willing To Clean We’ll Teach You The Pool Trade Secrets.

Cleaning your own pool isn’t hard, but it does take a little know-how, and we can help with that!

A monthly delivery of 4 gallons of liquid chlorine & a quart of our private label product for only $59.95 per month.

Pool Care Simplified®

  • How to test your pool water chemistry
    Learn how to monitor your pool water and save the time and hassle of having to drive to the pool store.
  • How to properly apply pool chemicals
    When you’re properly applying your pool chemicals, they work better, Plus, you’ll save money when applied in the right order.
  • How to keep your pool equipment in tip-top shape
    When you maintain your pool properly from the beginning, it can help you avoid costly pool repairs.
  • Our favorite supplies and equipment
    The corporate pool store will often sell you items based on profit margins, but they aren’t always the best products. Get tried-and-tested product recs from the pros, and discounted pricing too!

Easily track your pool maintenance on our app

Prevention is the name of the game in pool care, and that requires close monitoring. Like your mechanic, we help you keep a maintenance record of every purchase and repair. Our system enables you to keep track of your serial numbers, purchase dates, warranty info, part numbers, repair logs, chemical usage, and chemical levels, and enables our experts to give you customized advice on how to best maintain your pool.